Pirates of the Lowcountry

A Guide to Resources in the Beaufort County Library



The purpose of the Beaufort District Collection is to acquire, preserve, maintain and make accessible a research collection of permanent value which records the history of our area. The era of the pirates and privateers is a critical part of that history.
Prepared by Grace Morris Cordial, MLS, SL Beaufort District Collection Manager.
Created: 11 September 2008;
Latest update: 23 November 2011

Pirates of the Lowcountry

A Guide to Resources in the Beaufort County Library

Online Resources:

“Pirates of the Lowcountry” by Dennis Adams, Information Services Coordinator
“The Crows Nest:An Exploration of Pirates in South Carolina”
Pirates and Privateers: The history of Maritime Piracy ” website by Cindy Vallar – A wealth of information and links to additional information!
Beware the Buccaneers ” by Julie Thompson Adolf
The National Maritime Museum of Greenwich, London, England has a webpage entitled ” Pirates ” within their “Ships, seafarers & life at sea” section.

You can check out these materials from Beaufort County Library:

359 BUT

Pirates, privateers & rebel raiders of the Carolina coastby Lindley S. Butler.(HHI)

364.1 SHERaiders and rebels: the golden age of piracyby Frank Sherry. (BEA, HHI)

910.45 CORUnder the black flag: the romance and the reality of life among the piratesby David Cordingly. (BEA, BLU)

910.4 PIRPirates: terror on the high seas, from the Caribbean to the South China Seaedited by David Cordingly. (BEA)

910.4 ROGPirates!: brigands, buccaneers, and privateers in fact, fiction, and legendby Jan Rogoziński. (BEA, HHI)

910.45 CONPirates and raiders of the Southern shoreby T. D. Conner. (HHI, BDC) 910.45 EAR The pirate warsby Peter Earle. (BLU)

910.45 HUGThe Carolina pirates and colonial commerce, 1670-1740by Shirley Carter Hughson. (BLU, BDC)

910.45 KONPiracy: the complete historyby Angus Konstam. (BLU)

910.45 ROBBlackbeard and other pirates of the Atlantic coastby Nancy Roberts. (BEA, BDC, HHI)

J 910.45 ZEPPirates of the Carolinas for kidsby Terrance Zepke. (LOB)

972.9 WOOThe Spanish Main: The Seafarersby Peter Wood and the Editors of Time-Life Books (BLU)

975.7 GRAPlanters, pirates & patriots: historical tales from the South Carolina Grand Strandby Rod Gragg. (BEA, HHI)

975.7 HASA Primary Source history of the colony of South Carolinaby Heather Hasan. (BLU) Chapter 4: “Pirates, Rebellion, and War.”

975.7 MCCThe history of South Carolina under the proprietary government, 1670-1719by Edward McCrady (BEA, BDC)

975.799 ROWThe history of Beaufort County, South Carolina: Volume 1, 1514-1861by Lawrence S. Rowland, Alexander Moore, George C. Rogers, Jr. (ALL) See in particular, pp. 26-27, 44-46, 50, 58, 63, 148-149, 151, 155, 176, 186, 212, 229, 247-248; for French privateers, see 20, 22-23, 32-33, 40, 42-43, 147-148, 151; for Spanish privateers, see 141, 145, 147-151, 154-155.

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Please note that materials available only through the Beaufort District Collection (BDC) are not available for checkout. Normal visiting hours are Monday – Friday: 10:00AM – 5:00PM; the BDC is closed on Saturday and Sunday.

According to the

South Carolina Encyclopedia‘s entry on “Piracy. Piracy flourished on the South Carolina coast chiefly in two periods: the early proprietary years (1670-1700) and at the end of the ‘Golden Age of Piracy’ (1716-1720)….Pirates, most of whom began their commerce raiding as legal war-time privateers, thrived” in the uncertain circumstances caused by a weak proprietary government during a period of political unrest and military threats to the English colony from Native Americans, the Spanish and the French.

B JOHNSONRobert Johnson, proprietary & royal Governor of South Carolinaby Richard P. Sherman. (BDC only)

SC 387.5 COKCharleston’s maritime heritage, 1670-1865: an illustrated history by P.C. Coker III. (BDC, HH SC only)

SC 364.13 SOUCollections by the South Carolina Historical Society, pp. 206, 239, 249, and 264. (BDC only)

SC 910.45 MARMary Long’s yesteryear Skull and crossbones: South Carolina’s infamous pirates[DVD] (BDC only)

SC 910.45 SPEShipwrecks, pirates & privateers: sunken treasures of the upper South Carolina coast, 1521-1865by E. Lee Spence. (BDC only)

SC 975.703 JACPrivateers in Charleston, 1793-1796; an account of a French palatinate in South Carolina[by] Melvin H. Jackson. (BDC only)

Piracy (vertical file)

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