Reconstruction Period in Beaufort, South Carolina, 1862 – 1915

As Dr. J. Brent Morris wrote on the America’s Reconstruction | The Untold Story website: “The Reconstruction Era was literally a period of rebuilding … The ending of slavery not only brought freedom to African Americans but also inaugurated a complex reshaping of fundamental American institutions including the lawmaking process, family structure, church organization, and … Continue reading Reconstruction Period in Beaufort, South Carolina, 1862 – 1915

Bootlegging and The Dispensary: Illicit Distilling in Beaufort, SC and Beyond

“Bootlegging” means “to make, transport, or sell something, especially liquor, illegally or without registration of payment of taxes.” Start your exploration of the long history of bootlegging in America here. Learn about key events and personalities – wet and dry – in Beaufort County and South Carolina with this list of links and materials.

R. L. Johnson Medical Record Book, 1863–1864, 1867-1883 Finding Aid

Richard Love Johnson (1841-1913) served the Confederacy as an Assistant Surgeon with several units, most notably the 3rd and 15th South Carolina Infantries. His handwritten entries contain the names and units of his patients, notes on their wounds, treatments, surgeries and outcomes from 1863 to 1864. Following the Civil War, Johnson and his family resided on Edisto Island for several years where he turned to practicing obstetrics most often at John Wright’s Seaside Plantation and Dr. William M. Bailey’s Maxcy’s Plantation.
This journal is significant because Johnson’s depictions give a firsthand view of medical practices. In addition, his accounts typically include the names of individuals under treatment and thus may be useful for genealogical purposes.

L.A. Hall Civil War Stereoscope Collection, 1861 – 1864, 1879 Finding Aid

L.A. Hall, Beaufort’s postmaster, gave the Beaufort Township Library a collection of 36 stereopticon views he had received “from a friend in the north” in 1944. Twenty-six of the images were taken in Beaufort by photographer E.W. Sinclair who worked for Samuel A. Cooley, self-described “Photographer, 10th Army Corps” during the Civil War and early Reconstruction periods. It appears that Hall’s donation, some stereocards by photographer Rufus Morgan, and “Cotton picking at the Yard” (1879) were merged into one collection at some point before February 1999.

Mid-19th Century Medicine: A Selective List of Links and Materials

The mid-19th century is considered to be the formative years of what we now know as modern medicine. Scientific medicine was on the rise yet in the rural South, where most communities did not have a doctor on-hand, it was still necessary to have an understanding of treatments that could be found using plants and … Continue reading Mid-19th Century Medicine: A Selective List of Links and Materials