Beaufort Gazette coverage, January 24, 1907: Beaufort Fire, Fire Notes (A)

The Beaufort Fire of January 19, 1907 was the most disastrous fire to date. When the embers cooled 40 structures were damaged or gone.

The newspaper article transcriptions below are from a web page written by Dennis Adams (Information Services Coordinator, Retired) for the old Beaufort County Library website at various points between 1998 and 2007. The articles were transcribed and republished with permission granted by the editors of the Beaufort Gazette on  13 January 13, 1998.  Text appearing in teal was supplied by me. I also have chosen to supply punctuation to make the articles easier to read. – Grace Cordial 

The daily Beaufort Gazette dedicated most of its  January 24, 1907 issue – the first issue published after the disaster since it was only a weekly newspaper at the time — to coverage about the Beaufort fire. Due to the extent of that coverage today’s post will only include the Fire Notes from the second column, front page. Additional articles will follow in subsequent posts:

  • The Shooting of Bennett
  • Mass Meeting
  • Fire Notes (b)
  • A Card

Commendations were published for the Fire Chief, the telephone operator, and a woman who pitched in to help empty one of the local stores:

Fire Notes.

Mr. Lon Brooks, Chief of the Fire Department, deserves the weldone [sic] of our citizens for the valuable executive ability he displayed in the work of conquering the devouring flames. He worked early and late, and we had an eye on him all through the battle, and cannot understand where he obtained the physical power to withstand the great strain that was upon him in the conduct of his arduous duties.

No one deserves more thanks than our accomplished Miss Bellamy, who remained at her post day and night at the telephone exchange.

Miss Annie Driscoll deserves praise for the assistance she gave Miss Ohlandt and Mrs. John Levin in removing their store and household goods.

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