Obituary Files in the Beaufort District Collection

Beaufort County South Carolina has a lot of ghost stories, some of which we’ve retold for this blog. Identifying the spirit can be problematic. For example, some people think that Private Frank Quigley (U.S. Army) is the possible ghost out near Fort Fremont on Land’s End. Our obituary files tell us more about him and the manner in which he ended up dead.

fort-freemont-soldier-dies-1 fort-freemont-soldier-dies-2  fort-freemont-soldier-dies-3  fort-freemont-soldier-dies-4

[“Blind tiger” refers to an illicit distilled alcohol based adult beverage.]

You can search for names in our obituary index file located on the Beaufort County Library’s website. The direct link to the search page is  You’ll need to come into our Research Room or use our Off-site Reference services to get a copy of the obituaries we have on file.  Send your requests to or telephone our office at 843-255-6468 for details. Fees are listed below:




For current hours please see our website:


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