Ghost Stories of Beaufort County, SC – Part 3

Retold by Dennis Adams, Information Services Coordinator (Retired), written for the Beaufort County Library website in 2007 and re-posted with minimal editing by Beaufort District Collection Manager, Grace Morris Cordial, MLS, SL, CA on 28 October 2016. 

Beaufort County has its own rich store of folklore, including ghost tales. Local historian Gerhard Spieler (1920-2012) wrote a newspaper column in the Beaufort Gazette from the 1970s up to the early 2000s. In one article he identified several other ghosts said to haunt places in Beaufort County. Here is a list of four other, otherworldly Beaufortonians:

  • The Ghostly Lovers of Fripp Island Beach. According to the legend, the famous pirate Blackbeard kidnapped a girl from Charleston and brought her to his lair on Fripp Island. When she resisted him, Blackbeard killed the man to whom the girl had been betrothed. The pirate brought the girl her sweetheart’s severed hand, which still wore the engagement ring. The horrified girl rushed into surf to drown in the ocean currents. Their love prevailed over Blackbeard’s wickedness, none the less. In the light of each full moon, the ghosts of the lovers stroll arm in arm along the beach to this very day.
  • The Ghost of William Baynard. The Baynard mausoleum on Hilton Head Island (Zion Cemetery on William Hilton Parkway) is the haunting-place of a particularly unhappy ghost. William Baynard lost his young bride to fever in 1830, and he never recovered from his grief. So when it storms at night, the specter of the mourning widower rides his wife’s hearse, driving a ghostly team of four black horses before him.
  • The Ghost of Wigg-Barnwell House. A woman murdered in an apartment of the house took ghostly residence there for years after the crime. The house was later moved from the corner of Prince and Scott Streets to a new site on the Point. Mr. Spieler wonders, “Did the ghost also move or did it remain at the old location?”
  • The Ghost of Frogmore Manor. If the Land’s End Light is really a Union soldier’s ghost, there is at least one Confederate ghost on St. Helena Island. Here is another ghostly light, feared to be the lantern of a doomed blockade runner.

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SOURCE:  “Ghosts, Past and Present” by Gerhard Spieler, Beaufort Gazette (Beaufort, SC), August 5, 1980, p. 6-A.

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