Ghost Stories of Beaufort County, SC- Part 2: “The Roast Ghost”

Retold by Dennis Adams, Information Services Coordinator (Retired), written for the Beaufort County Library website in 2007 and re-posted with minimal editing by Beaufort District Collection Manager, Grace Morris Cordial, MLS, SL, CA on 27 October 2016. 

Beaufort County has its own rich store of folklore, including ghost tales. Here is a humorous local ghost story:

According to a Beaufort Gazette newspaper article:

At 6:00 p. m., November 8, 1969, Mrs. Howard Danner of East Street opened her oven to remove the roast her maid had placed there that afternoon. The oven was empty, and there was no trace of the roast anywhere in the kitchen!

Mrs. Danner had just taken the maid home and had left the house door unlocked for that short time. According to the report of Beaufort city police officer G. D. Smith, “Either a very hungry person entered the house while Mrs. Danner was gone or it may be surmised that the ‘Ghost of the Danner House’ (that is, Gauche, the Huguenot Ghost) became hungry and absconded with the practically cooked roast, being unable to withstand the temptation and waiting for it to cook.”

The roast thief — spectral or human — struck again the following night at the 707 North Street home of Mrs. Isiah Thomas. Mrs. Thomas, unlike Mrs. Danner, had taken the precaution of locking her door leaving her roast unattended. When she returned from a visit with nearby relatives, her supper was missing, too!

L. H. Martin, the police officer reporting this incident, wrote, “when (Mr. and Mrs. Thomas) returned hungry and ready to feast on the roast, the roast was gone.” There had been no evidence of forced entry.

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“The ‘Roast Ghost’ Strikes in Beaufort,” Beaufort Gazette (Beaufort, SC), November 13, 1969, p. 2-B.

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