Rachel C. Mather, 1823 – 1903: A List of Materials & Links

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Rachel C. Mather, 1823-1903Rachel C. Mather, 1823-1903

Rachel C. Mather came to Beaufort, SC in 1867 to educate the freedmen. That year she founded Mather School, a boarding school to educate formerly enslaved girls with support from the American Missionary Association. According to The Reconstruction Era in Beaufort County Local Initiative for National Designation Report (2003), Mather School “actually served as more of a social agency that provided Biblical instruction and lessons in home economics” than as a general educational facility for African-American women. She played a critical role in the recovery efforts following the Great Sea Island hurricane of August 1893.

Web-based resources:

Postcard: Beaufort District Collection

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  • Her obituary is on file in the BDC.
  • We have materials in the vertical file labeled Schools — Mather School which contains some information about Mrs. Mather.
  • 975.799 MAR Lowcountry Gossip by Chlotilde R. Martin, 1930? Photocopy of newspaper article, 1 sheet.
  • 551.552 MAT The Storm Swept Coast of South Carolina by Rachel C. Mather, 1894.

Please note: These resources are available through the Beaufort District Collection of the Beaufort County Library and cannot be checked out.  Visit our homepage for hours of operation.

This list was prepared by Grace Morris Cordial, MLS, SL, CA, Manager of the Beaufort District Collection, Beaufort County Library (SC). All links were accessed on 24 June 2015. (Original date of posting: 26 July 2011; Latest update: 24 June 2015).


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