Stephen Elliott, 1830 – 1866: List of Links & Materials

Stephen Elliott, Jr., detail
Brig. Gen. Stephen Elliott, Jr.

The Beaufort District Collection, the special local history collection and archives of the Beaufort County Library, SC, recommends these links and materials about Stephen Elliott, Jr. Most of his achievements were related to his military service during the Civil War. At the outbreak of hostilities Elliott was senior captain of the Beaufort Volunteer Artillery.  His actions precipitated a series of promotions. He finished the war as a Brigadier General in the Confederate States of America. He died as a result of wounds received during the hostilities.His wife, Charlotte Stuart Elliott, lived only a few more years leaving their three sons, Stephen H. Elliott, Henry DeSaussure Elliott, and Charles Pinckney Elliott orphans in childhood.

This list of selected links and materials was compiled by Grace Morris Cordial, MLS, SL, CA, Manager of the Beaufort District Collection, November 17, 2008; Latest update 25 July 2016. All links active as of 25 July 2016.

Web based resources:

War of the Rebellion: A Compilation of the Official Records of the Union and Confederate Armies [referred to as the “OR”] is available through the Making of America website at Cornell University.

Confederate Military History, 12 vols. (1899) is available online through the Internet Archive.

“Stephen Elliott, Jr.” in the Find a Grave database

“Brigadier General Stephen Elliott CSA” in the Historical Marker Database.

“Stephen Elliott, CSA,” in South Carolina Historical Markers on Waymarking.

Search for “Stephen Elliott” in Battles & Leaders of the Civil War by Clarence C. Buell and Robert Johnson to find references. 

The Defense of Charleston Harbor, including Fort Sumter and the Adjacent Islands, 1863-1865 by John Johnson, 1890 is a free Google e-book.

Search for “Stephen Elliott” in Memoirs of the War of Secession from the original manuscripts of Johnson Hagood, Brigadier General, C.S.A., by Johnson Hagood, 1910 to find references. 

Elliott, Brig. Gen. Stephen (1832 – 21 MAR 1866)” in The Civil War in South Carolina database.

For online images of Stephen Elliott, Jr. see The Anniversary Edition of House Divided: The Civil War Research Engine at Dickinson College.

If you are interested in learning more about the time that Stephen Elliott was in command of Fort Sumter, go to the “Fort Sumter — Online Documents” posted by the Fort Sumter National Park Service site.

There are two entries for Stephen Elliott, Jr. in the Soldiers and Sailors Database created by the National Parks Service.

Check out these materials from the Beaufort County Library:

Legend: Beaufort District Collection(BDC); Beaufort Branch Library (BEA); Bluffton Branch Library (BLU); Hilton Head Island Branch Library (HHI); Lobeco Branch Library (LOB); St. Helena Branch Library (STH) and ALL.

973.73 BUR The siege of Charleston, 1861-1865 by E. Milby Burton, 1970 (BDC, BLU, HHI)

973.734 WIS Gate of hell: campaign for Charleston Harbor, 1863 by Stephen R. Wise, 1994 (BDC, BEA, BLU, HHI, LOB)

973.737 AXE The horrid pit: the Battle of the Crater, the Civil War’s cruelest mission by Alan Axelrod, 2007 (BEA)

973.7757 STO Vital rails: the Charleston & Savannah Railroad and the Civil War in coastal South Carolina by H. David Stone, c2008 (ALL)

973.77579 DAR Civil War tours of the low country: Beaufort, Hilton Head, and Bluffton, South Carolina by David D’Arcy, 2008 (ALL) 

973.782 CHE Mary Chesnut’s Civil War by Mary Boykin Miller Chesnut, 1981

975.7 LEV The Leverett letters: correspondence of a South Carolina family, 1851-1868 by Frances Wallace Taylor, 2000  (ALL) 

Biographical sketch on p. 470.Use index entries for “Elliott, Gen. Stephen, Jr.” and “Beaufort
Volunteer Artillery” to learn more.  Son Milton Maxcy Leverette was in the Beaufort Volunteer Artillery, captained by “Ste” Elliott, and wrote other members of the Leverett Family about their military
escapades.  Caution:  The letters sometime contain racial epithets.

975.799 HEL Beaufort: a history by Alexia Jones Helsley, 2005  (ALL)

Chapter 7 “Civil War, Military Occupation,1861 – 1865” provides good background information on the military exploits of local men

975.799 ROW Rebellion, Reconstruction, and Redemption, 1861 -1893: The History of Beaufort County, South Carolina, volume 2 by Stephen R. Wise and Lawrence S. Rowland with Gerhard Spieler, 2015 (ALL)   

975.799 SPI Beaufort, South Carolina: Pages from the Past by Gerhard Spieler, 2008, pp. 75– 82 (ALL)

975.799 TAY Historic Beaufort County: an illustrated history by Michael C. Taylor, 2005 (ALL) A succinct history of the “The Civil War & Reconstruction” in Beaufort, its soldiers, and missionaries, and images from the period are found in Taylor’s An Illustrated History of Beaufort County, pp. 33 – 58.

Come to the Beaufort District Collection to see these items:

SC 929.2 BAR The Story of an American Family by Stephen B. Barnwell, 1969.

SC 973.7 BAT  The Battle of Honey Hill South Carolina, November 30, 1864: an arrangement of edited primary sources with attached appendices by Western Carolina Historical Research, 1999 (BDC, HHI)

SC 973.7 CON Confederate Military History, 12 vols.,1899. Also available online through the Internet Archive.

SC 973.7 CON Confederate Veteran Magazine, 1893 – 1932, 43 vols., 1986.

SC 973.7 GRA Grave location records of Confederate soldiers buried in Beaufort, Hampton, and Jasper Counties, South Carolina by the Gen. Stephen Elliott, Jr. Chapter, United Daughters of the Confederacy, 2004.

SC 973.7 MAN Siege Train: The Journal of a Confederate Artilleryman in the Defense of Charleston by Edward Manigault, 1986  (BDC, HHI)

SC 973.7 POC The Pocotaligo expedition, Southwestern South Carolina, October 21-23, 1862 by Western Carolina Historical Research, 1997  (BDC, HHI)

SC 973.7 SIF Compendium of the Confederate Armies : South Carolina and Georgia by Stewart Sifakis, 1992  This reference work shows the movement of specific units throughout the Civil War. Use the Beaufort Volunteer Artillery section.

SC REF 973.7 SUP Supplement to the Official Records of the War of the Rebellion, 100 vols., 1994. 

SC 973.7 WAR War of the Rebellion: A Compilation of the Official Records of the Union and Confederate Armies [referred to as the “OR”], 117 vols., 1985. Also available online at

SC 973.73 JOH The defense of Charleston Harbor, including Fort Sumter and the adjacent islands, 1863-1865 by John Johnson, c1889

SC 973.733 SCH The Battle of Pocotaligo, October 22, 1862 by Lewis G. Schmidt, 1993 (BDC, HHI)

SC 973.7757 WAN Wandering to Glory: Confederate Veterans Remember Evans’ Brigade, by Dewitt Boyd Stone, c2001  Very important to flesh out his soldier’s view of Ste Elliott’s military service.

SC 973.782 REC Recollections and reminiscences, 1861-1865 through World War I by United Daughters of the Confederacy. South Carolina Division, 1990. 

  • See volume I, pages 109-111 for “The Battle of the Crater.”
  • See volume 3, pages 80-85 for “General Stephen Elliott, C.S.A., of Beaufort, South Carolina,”by Charles P. Elliott.
  • See volume 7, pages 436 – 439 for “The Crater.”

SC 975.799 BEA Beaufort Arsenal: Guarding the nation’s past by the Department of Defense Legacy Resource Management Program, no date

SC 975.799 HAY Letter addressed by the poet, Paul Hamilton Hayne, to Colonel (afterwards Brigadier-General) Stephen Elliott, then in commandof Fort Sumter, sending the sonnets printed below which were published in a Greenville newspaper  [Pamphlet] by Paul Hamilton Hayne, 1864.

SC 975.799 MAR Lowcountry Gossip by Chlotilde R. Martin, 1930? [Photocopy of newspaper article, 1 sheet]  

Beaufort County Historical Society Papers, #27 “Beaufort’s Galaxy of Great Men.”

Cited in “Newspaper Sketches of Noted South Carolinians of the Past.”

Vertical File Clippings on:

  • Elliott Family [BDC Vertical File]
  • Honey Hill, Battle of, 1864 [BDC Vertical File]
  • Pocotaligo, Battle of, 1862 [BDC Vertical File]
  • Beaufort Volunteer Artillery [BDC Vertical File]

BDC PRINT COLLECTION #28 “The Federal troops, [Illustration] : under Generals Brannan and Terry,driving the Confederates, under General Walker, across the Pocotaligo  Bridge, near the Charleston and Savannah Railroad, October 22d, 1862”: The Soldier in the Civil War : [1862].

Selective Content of the Beaufort District Collection permanent “Elliott Family” vertical file:

The Defense of Charleston Harbor, including Fort Sumter and the Adjacent Islands. 1863-1865 by John Johnson (1890), pp. 155-157 [includes handwritten notes by Mary Sams under Elliott’s  portrait]

“Stephen Elliott” by Major John A. Hamilton in Southern Historical Society Papers, vol. 9, January to December 1881, reprinted 1990, pp. 476-479

[About Stephen Elliott], Confederate Military History, vol. 6, pp. 390-391

“Fight Turned by Forty Confederate Heroes” by Colonel Carter R. Bishop, Petersburg, Virginia, Recollections and Reminiscences, vol. 10, p. 50.

“General Stephen Elliott, CSA of Beaufort, South Carolina” by Charles P. Elliott, Recollections and Reminiscences, vol. 3, pp. 80-85.

The Horrid Pit: The Battle of the Crater, The Civil War’s Cruelest Mission by Alan Axelrod, 2007, pp. 52, 137-147.

“General Elliott Upheld by U.D.C.: Real ‘Hero of Fort Sumter’ not Given all credit due him, says member,” Charleston Morning News?, 12 May 1934, no page.

Location of “General Stephen Elliott” portrait by James Reeve Stuart, 8 February 2013

“Gen. Stephen Elliott’s Wounded Arm” by Evan R. Thompson, Beaufort Today, June 27, 2008, p. 9.

“Eulogy Delivered by Mr. Trescott in Memory of Gen. Stephen Elliott Before the House of Representatives September 8, 1866,”Recollections and Reminiscences, vol. 11, pp. 8-10.

John Johnson Papers, 1862 – 1906 at the South Carolina Historical Society “includes the order book (1863) and letterbook (1864) of Stephen Elliott, Jr., commanding officer of Fort Sumter containing many letters to S. C. Boylston. Last accessed 31 March 2000, 4:08pm.

In Memoriam. Gen. Stephen Elliott. Extract from the Journal of House of Representatives, September 8, 1866, includes “Remarks of Mr. Hutson” and “Eulogy by Mr. Trescot,” 1866.

Gen. Stephen Elliott, Address by William Henry Trescot, September 8, 1866.

Sheet consisting of a correction in script under portrait of Brig.-Gen. Stephen Elliott, Jr., of South Carolina. Mortally wounded in front of Petersburg, 1864.” In our collection “compliments of William Elliott, Columbia, SC.” No date.

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