VHS/DVDs about the History, Culture and Environment of Beaufort County

VHS/DVDs about the

History, Culture and
Environment of Beaufort County

A Bibliography

Prepared by the Beaufort
District Collection of the Beaufort County Library a division of Beaufort
County Government, Beaufort, South Carolina.

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General Overview

  • Palmetto Places: Beaufort

    • Available
      BDC, BEA, BLU, HHI, LOB,
      and STH.
    • Stroll beside the bay and walk tree-lined
      streets where balconied houses evoke a distinctive style. Sit with renowned
      artist Jonathan Green, whose brilliantly colored canvases portray the
      easy lowcountry life. Discover how the Hunting Island Lighthouse was
      moved and learn the recipe for scrumptious Beaufort stew. View the ghostly
      ruins of Sheldon Church, twice destroyed by war.
  • Palmetto Places: St. Helena Island

    • Available
      BDC, BEA, BLU, HHI, LOB,
      and STH.
    • St. Helena Island is one of those magical
      barrier islands where Gullah is still spoken. See the remains of the
      Chapel of Ease and walk the campus of historic Penn Center, the first
      school for freed slaves. Sway with the Hallelujah Singers, discover
      lowcountry art, attend a short course in Gullah cooking, and meet one
      of the net-makers.
  • Destination S.C. Parks: Colonial Dorchester;
    Hunting Island State Park

    • Available at: BDC, BEA, BLU, HHI, LOB, and STH.
    • Visit the excavation site of a Colonial
      Dorchester village discovered in 1967.  Here you’ll see the best-preserved
      example of Tabby fort construction in the nation.  View the bell
      tower of St. George’s Anglican Church, once the center of village
      activity.  Hunting Island State Park has sea kayaking and beautiful
      coastline views from the lighthouse.
  • A Sea Island Adventure: Beaufort County,
    South Carolina 

    • Available
      BDC, BEA, BLU, HHI, LOB,
      and STH.
    • For generations, visitors have been drawn
      to the natural beauty, history and culture of Beaufort County, South
      Carolina. Whether it’s the allure of antebellum mansions, the signature
      moss that descends from ancient oaks, the wide expanse of marshlands
      teeming with wildlife; or rich Gullah traditions; this program captures
      the essence of the region’s uniquely preserved past.
  • Preserving Paradise: The Beaufort
    County Rural and Critical Land Preservation Program

    • Available at: BDC, BEA, BLU, HHI, LOB, and STH.
    • This production captures the scenic beauty
      of the undeveloped and/or historical sites acquired by Beaufort County,
      SC through its land preservation program and provides an overview of
      this valuable program.
  • Exploring the Tidelands
    • Available at:  BDC, BEA, BLU, HHI, LOB, and STH.
    • South Carolina’s coast has always been
      a haven for unique culinary delights.  The cultural influences
      of Native Americans, African slaves, and European rice planters have
      blended to produce regional flavors like no others anywhere in the United
      States.  Explore the history, culture, and cuisine of the Georgetown
      area.  Enjoy the visual journey of the tidelands’ history, and
      learn how its heritage has shaped a dynamic community. 
  • They Were Here: Ice Age Humans in
    South Carolina

    • Available at: BDC, BEA, BLU, and HHI.
    • It was a time when our climate was cooler
      and the plants and animals were much different than today.  A time
      when great ice sheets covered the northern areas of what was to become
      the United States.  A time when early humans were coming to ancient
      chert quarries in what is now Allendale County, South Carolina.
      This documentary covers the careful study and analysis of artifacts
      leading to evidence of a time 15-20,000 years ago.
  • Hilton Head Island: A Television History
    • Available at: BDC, BEA, BLU, HHI, LOB, and STH.
    • Learn the history of beautiful Hilton
      Head Island, in South Carolina.
      Episode 1: The Indians and the Europeans covers the island’s formation,
      early Clovis visitors, Indian Pottery and crafts, the rise and fall
      of Santa Elena, and the French and English exploration of the area.
      Episode 2: The Planters and the Civil War begins with the settlement
      of Hilton Head Island. This program sets the stage for the war and deals
      in detail with the Battle of Port Royal and the subsequent Union occupation
      of the island.
      Episode 3: The Gullahs in Slavery and Freedom follows the trade of slaves
      from Africa to coastal South Carolina. It looks at the effects of the
      Battle of Port Royal on slaves and examines the formation and development
      of Gullah culture in the Sea Islands.
      Episode 4: The Modern Era covers the late-19th and 20th centuries. Included
      are the tragic hurricane of 1893, the steam cannon and Camp MacDougal,
      the hunting era, and the development and construction of the first bridge
      to the mainland.

Era of Exploration

  • Mary Long’s Yesteryear: Conquistadors
    and Explorers: South Carolina under the Spanish Flag

    • Available
      BDC, BEA, BLU, HHI, LOB,
      and STH
    • Recent discoveries bring to light new
      evidence of the exploration of Hernando de Soto and Juan Pardo. Follow
      the early Spanish travelers and their attempts at colonization during
      the 16th century.
  • For God, Glory and Gold: Early French
    and Spanish conquest of South Carolina

    • Available at: BDC, BEA, BLU, HHI, LOB, and STH.
    • This program recounts the history of
      the French and Spanish efforts to colonize South Carolina in the 16th
      century.  The focus is on two important settlements located on
      the U.S. Marine Corps Recruit Depot on Parris Island, near Beaufort.
      Historians related the dramatic history of these settlements and document
      the conflict between France and Spain for this coast more than 100 years
      before Charleston was founded by the English in 1670.  Archaeologists
      describe how they have uncovered the remains of both settlements, providing
      insight into the occupation and ultimate abandonment of these important
      colonial outposts.

Antebellum and Civil War History

  • Sherman’s March

    • Available
      BDC and HH. 
    • Follow the path (Barnwell, Charleston,
      and Columbia, South Carolina) traveled by Union General William T. Sherman
      and his soldiers as they marched deep into the Confederacy during the
      final months of the Civil War. This one-hour documentary begins at Kennesaw
      Mountain, Georgia, as Sherman and his 60,000 troops pressed toward Atlanta.
      Upon taking the vital Southern city, he started his infamous march to
      the sea, which culminated in the capture of Savannah, Georgia. He reportedly
      was so struck with the beauty of the coastal city that he ordered it
      spared and presented it to Abraham Lincoln as a “Christmas gift.”
      But Sherman’s troops had a different plan for the state of South Carolina.
      Going through the dense lowcountry swamps, the Union army trudged slowly
      toward the city where secession was born—Columbia, South Carolina.
      The program ends with the burning of Columbia and a firsthand look at
      the destruction of the city.
  • Mary Long’s Yesteryear: No Mercy:
    Sherman’s Fury

    • Available
      BDC, BEA, and HH
    • Sherman’s famous march to the sea ended
      in Savannah, Georgia, but his fury was just beginning. This program
      chronicles Sherman’s devastating path through South Carolina as the
      Civil War wound down. Mary Long investigates Sherman’s actual involvement
      the torching of Columbia.
  • Mary
    Long’s Yesteryear: Sea Island Sanctuary: The Legacy of Dataw Island

    • Available
      BDC, BEA, BLU, HHI, LOB,
      and STH
    • Visit scenic Dataw Island, near Beaufort,
      where developers have preserved the early history of this barrier island.
      Learn of discoveries on the island from University of South Carolina
      archaeologist Dr. Larry Lepionka. Hear the story of the Sams family,
      who constructed one of the region’s most lucrative plantations on


  • A Light on Treacherous Waters

    • Available
      BDC, BEA, BLU, HHI, LOB,
      and STH
    • Built for the first time in 1859 and
      destroyed two years later by Confederate troops, the historic Hunting
      Island Light Station was rebuilt after the Civil War. Its tale is intertwined
      with that of the South Carolina coast-captivating hundreds of thousands
      of people who visit this living legend each year.
  • Mary Long’s Yesteryear: Penn School:
    Experiment In Freedom

    • Available
      BDC, BEA, BLU, HHI, LOB,
      and STH
    • Trace the history of the Port Royal Experiment
      and the establishment of Penn School, one of the first schools in the
      South for freed slaves. For more than 100 years, the school has played
      a historic and vital role in the lives of the South Carolina sea Island
      people. The program follows the history of the center, from its founding
      to its role in the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960s. Travel with Mary
      Long to this enchanted location near the bustling town of Beaufort.
  • Mary Long’s Yesteryear: Robert Smalls:
    Gullah Statesman, Part 1

    • Available
      BDC, BEA, BLU, HHI, LOB,
      and STH
    • This saga of courageous Robert Smalls
      details his childhood, which was spent at the home of his master, Henry
      McKee of Beaufort. Smalls is followed to Charleston, where he eventually
      became pilot of the Confederate gunboat, The Planter. In 1862, under
      cover of darkness, Smalls, accompanied by his family and other slaves,
      sailed The Planter out of Charleston Harbor and past Confederate sentries
      in a desperate bid for freedom.
  • Mary Long’s Yesteryear: Robert Smalls:
    Gullah Statesman, Part 2

    • Available
      BDC, BEA, BLU, HHI, LOB,
      and STH
    • Look at the life of Robert Small after
      the Civil War and follow his career through Reconstruction. Smalls was
      one of the first Blacks elected to public office after the war and had
      a distinguished career as South Carolina State Senator and Representative
      to the United States Congress.
  • Congressman Robert Smalls: A patriot’s
    journey from slavery to Capitol Hill

    • Available at: BDC, BEA, BLU, HHI, LOB, and STH.
    • The 19th century rags-to-riches
      story of Congressman Robert Smalls, who when from being a slave to a
      Civil War hero to a master politician in South Carolina.
  • NatureScene: Victoria Bluff

    • Available
      BDC, BEA, BLU, HHI, LOB,
      and STH
    • Visit a southern magnolia forest and
      a neighboring pine/saw palmetto habitat in Beaufort County, South Carolina.
      Closed Captioned.

Gullah Culture

forget the Civil War and Reconstruction titles listed above.

  • God’s Gonna Trouble the Water

    • Available
      BDC, BEA, BLU, HHI, LOB,
      and STH
    • Narrator Ruby Dee relates the little-known
      history of the ancestors of African-American slaves who settled in the
      Sea Islands off the coast of South Carolina and Georgia. Scholars and
      locals recount the history of the Gullah people, and discuss the influences
      of praise houses, West African songs and dances, and the Gullah language
      on African-American customs and lifestyle.
  • Family Across the Sea

    • Available
      BDC, BEA, BLU, HHI, and
    • This award-winning program explores the
      remarkable connections between the Gullah of the South Carolina/Georgia
      Sea Islands and the people of West Africa, particularly those of Sierra
      Leone. Taped in South Carolina and Africa, the program traces the truly
      unparalleled historical connection and continued relationship dating
      from the time of slavery, and examines the development of the two cultures
      over the course of time.  [Winner of the]Silver Apple Award, National
      Educational Film and Video Festival Gold Award, 24th Annual Houston
      International Film and Video Festival First-Place Documentary, SC Associated
      Press Broadcasters Award[s].
  • Freedom Comin’:  A Gullah Kinfolk

    • Available at: BDC, BEA, BLU, HHI, LOB, and STH.
    • Aunt Pearlie Sue tells of the history
      of the Gullah people, their life on the plantations, and their dream
      of freedom.  Songs and different scenes with the Gullah Kinfolk
      are interspersed throughout the narration.

Military Presence

  • …And Then They Were Called Marines:
    A Few Good Women

    • Available at: BDC and  BEA.
    • “Then They Were Called Marines”
      [is] a complete, 50 minute documentary on the training of Women Marines
      at Parris Island and their role in the modern USMC.
  • The Making
    of a Marine

    • Available at: BEA.
    • Shot on location at the recruit training
      depots at Parris Island, SC and San Diego, CA, this in-depth look at
      The Making of Marines has been acclaimed as “an important work
      and a must see for anyone who thinks they have what it takes to become
      one of “The Few, The Proud.” Winner of the Major Norman Hatch
      Award (Best-Mini-Documentary Marine Corps Heritage Foundation).


  • Writer’s Circle: John Jakes
    • Available at:  BDC, BEA, BLU, and HH.
    • Taped at his home on Hilton Head Island,
      S.C., John Jakes discusses his long and successful career in writing.
  • Profile: Charles Fraser
    • Available at:  BDC, BEA, BLU, and HH.
    • Electricity arrived on Hilton head Island
      in 1951, and a few years later a group of Georgia natives purchased
      some 19-thousand of the island’s 25 thousand acres.  They stopped
      widespread logging and sold land to developers.  In the process,
      they created the framework for the Hilton Head Island we know today.
      The late Charles Fraser was one of the leaders of that movement.
      Charles Fraser died in 2002 at the age of 73, in a tragic boat accident
      in the Caribbean.  Harvey Ewing, mayor of Hilton Head Island from
      1991 to 1993 said of his death, “This island is his legacy.”
      ETV produced Profile: Charles Fraser in 1974, which provides unique
      insight into Fraser and the efforts to create the modern Hilton Head



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